A Stark Message

Gilead Limor

Gilead Limor has been working in Music, Visual Arts and Media for more years than he's willing to admit. Even before beginning a professional career as a music producer and engineer in the early eighties, he was getting his hands dirty with photographic chemicals. As an architecture student in the late 70s, Gilead was the designated class photographer and photo-lab, providing visuals for many of his fellow students's school projects and assignments.

Alongside his music production career, Gilead also worked as a journalist, music critic and occasional photo-journalist, and later as a graphic designer and photo editor. More recently, he has added videography and video production to his roster of professional services, which encompass a wide range of services in music and visual arts.

Gilead has had photographs published in books, the press and professional journals. He has won several prizes and held two exhibitions, and has sold limited editions of several of his more outstanding works.

You can contact Gilead at:

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